During COVID-19 lockdown my kids and I have become quite good at being home-bodies and have spent our days together doing all manner of activities which aids divorce recovery. Our days have been characterized by …
play dough,
online classes,
endless cups of tea,
dog walks
and ‘happily ever after’ novels.

The most satisfying of all of those have certainly been the baking. The togetherness of being in the kitchen assembling our creations and then the enjoyment of eating it afterwards will certainly be a happy memory for us and which aids divorce recovery.

In the final chapter of ‘The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily’, we have a similar scene. Liam and Emily are spending the weekend with their dad and they are adjusting to a blended family. Their step-mum has a little boy called Simon who they are getting to know. They are all together making waffles for dessert with each person having a job to do. Suddenly disaster strikes and Simon burns himself. The conversation that takes place afterward between Liam and his dad brings healing to them both.

Spending time doing an activity with your children is almost always going to bring you closer together.
Conversations happen naturally,
laughter often erupts,
someone will probably be praised,
learning will take place,
a little bit of conflict may arise
… but in the end, a memory will be made.

I think these moments are the ones we will hold dear once our kids fly away from home. My wish is that you make many of these. I also think they are special because we share something of our “us-ness”- a picture of who we are when we are together.

So, in the spirit of being home-bodies and creating memories with your kids, I would like to share my waffle recipe. It makes a batch of about 12 rather yummy waffles in a waffle iron. You can make up the recipe the night before, it keeps well in the fridge.



250g flour
1.5 teaspoons of baking powder
20g sugar
0.5 teaspoon salt
475ml of milk
2 eggs
30 ml sunflower oil


Mix the dry ingredients together.
Break the eggs into the milk and add the oil. Mix well.
Add milk mixture to the dry ingredients.
Whisk until all the lumps have gone.
Spoon onto a hot waffle iron.