BOOKS! Are you a fan? Have you ever thought about why books are so wonderful?  Imagination, literacy, knowledge, wonder, relaxation, the list goes on…  But I’d like to suggest that divorce books for kids can help with your children’s divorce recovery process.  This may be a curious thought for you so let me explain in 5 quick points.

1. Books improve our vocabulary

The more you read, the more your vocabulary expands. Children who have a good command of vocabulary, especially emotional vocabulary, are able to express themselves better.  Better communication allows you as a parent or caregiver to hear where your child is at, empowering you to help and respond to them.

2. Books give the gift of empathy

Walking in another person’s shoes for the duration of a story gives us a window into another person’s thoughts and feelings.  Empathy is a good emotional intelligence skill and will help children in divorce situations to empathize with new family members and people around them.

3. Books provide opportunities for reflection

When we read about the adventures and predicaments characters go through, we automatically reflect on how we would respond in similar situations.  Reflection is a great skill for divorce recovery, the more we can practice it, the better we can become at reading our thoughts, feelings, and reactions to things.  Children of divorce who can reflect and process their feelings have an effective life skill which will see them through divorce recovery and future emotional well-being.

4. Books give us the opportunity for discussion

Many a conversation has happened over a character, event, or fact in an interesting book.  Communication with our children is priceless, and vital for divorce recovery.  Hearing children’s questions, opinions, and thoughts about life help us to get a glimpse into their hearts and minds.

5. Reading with a child creates time for bonding

Stories touch us deeply and sharing that tender moment with a little person you love is a gift.  The Mending Chronicles of Liam and Emily is a great story to share with your children as they journey through their divorce recovery.

So you see, divorce books for kids potentially enhance our relationships, emotional well-being, and families. Whether you have dusty piles of them or a neat eBook reader, you have something very special with which to make life better.  Make room in your day for a book and let the stories work their magic.

Three cheers for books!

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